Sliders and Pans

Our Heavy Duty Truck Sliders are manufactured from 11 ga steel tube and our bomb pan sliders are manufactured from 3/16” thick steel tube, we use steel bearings that can hold up to the toughest environment and all sliders include several different lock down positions for ease of use.

Maximize your space more efficiently and reduce your response time.


Standard Sizes

  • 225-194048'' x 40''L
  • 225-195348''W x 53'' L
  • 225-1962 48'' W x 62''L
  • 225-197248''w x 72''L
  • 225-1975-SPLIT 48'' x 75'' Split Slider with one 30'' W section and one 15'' W section, great for Specialty utility trucks
  • 225-199148''W x 91''L

Extra Heavy Duty

  • 225-1972-SHD48'' x 72'' Super heavy duty slider
  • 225-1991-SHD48'' x 91'' Super heavy duty slider



  • 161-4865-248'' x 65'' Pan with 2'' sides
  • 161-4865-448'' x 65'' Pan with 4'' sides
  • 161-487548'' x 75'' Pan with 2'' sides
  • 161-4875-4S48'' x 75'' Pan with 4'' sides
  • 161-4894-248'' x 94'' Pan with 2'' sides


  • 015-4837 Dual Deck Scale Storage Pan - 48'' x 41'' long x 21'' tall. Lower Level 16'' tall with front storage for 8 Haenni WL101 scales (4 on each side) and rear storage compartment. Upper deck is 48'' x 37 1/2'' long with a 5'' lip. Front of Pan consists of a Fold Down dry earse table and allows for creeper storage on the door. Manufactured from 14 ga steel and 1/2#13 Expanded Metal, Fully Powdercoated for durability.
  • 161-4875-4 48'' x 75'' Scale Pan includes racks for 6 Hannei scales, 4 drawers total; one drawer behind scale racks on drivers side (9'' x 91/2'' x 22'' long), same size drawer also located on passenger side behind scale racks, and two drawers side x side on passenger side located next to scale racks (15''w x 9 '' deep x 9 1/2'' tall). A 25'' long cargo area is located at the rear of the scale pan.
  • 161-4875-P Custom Pan - 48'' x 75'' Includes 2 drawers, one fold up gas assist compartment, with open area for storage.
  • 161-4894 48" x 94" Scale Style Slide Pan w/ side access and cone area in front and storage bin on drivers side.
  • 161-4895 Custom Scale Pan - Includes racks for four scales, creeper storage, 1 drawer and extra lockable storage, cone storage in rear of pan with screen guard. Overall dimensions are 48'' wide x 75'' long and 16'' tall. (Tonneau Cover)

Specialty Pans

These are mainly used in trucks with either tonneau covers or camper shells.

  • 015-4859 Custom CSI Unit Pan, Includes 2'' lip on top of drawer section which consists of 2 drawers; 1 in the front of the pan (48'' x 19'' x 11 1/2'' tall) and 1 drawer located on the right side of the pan (22'' x 24'' x 11 1/2'' tall). Left side includes an open storage space with a shelf and hinged door. An open storage area behind the drawer section for larger storage and a rear screen (48'' x 29 1/2''). Overall dimensions are 48'' x 75'' x 16'' tall. Powdercoated finish.
  • 225-2027 48'' x 75'' Dual Deck Storage Pan with dividers on lower level and top rail on upper level includes safety screen and fully powdercoated.


  • 015-4955 48 x 75 Single Deck Pan with adjustable storage compartments, slanted SCBA holders, cooler holder, and turn out storage compartment.
  • 060-2000 Custom Pan, 48'' wide x 75'' long. Dual Deck Storage Area 48'' x 40'' includes screen and 4 drawers with inside adjustable panels and air tank storage, Fully Powdercoated. Custom Dive Team Storage Pan.
  • 161-4872GFD48x72 Dual Deck Storage Tray with SCBA mounting system with front handle for Fire Dept. to be used with a camper shell.
  • 161-4875-SCBA 48'' x 75'' Pan with tow open compartments, 2'' lip around outside edge and slanted SCBA holders in center. Includes rear cargo screen on pan.

Bomb Squad

  • MCSO4844 Custom Storage Pan to include a dual drawer with two T-Handle Locks, a 2'' lip on top of box, security screens on the front and rear which include a storage hole for tubes, carpet lining in large drawer and on top of box, a 5'' weapon slot located on drivers side of large drawer with foam lining. Second drawer includes 2 - 10'' x 10'' wood lined boxes with locking lids that meet or exceed ATF specs for Type 3 magazines ''day-box'' (sec 555.209).
  • MCSO4894 48'' x 94'' Dual Deck Bomb Pan with 5 lockable drawers, rear storage and safety screens.